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From the beginning, our focus has been building the best portrait photo booth experience possible. No corners have been cut, and no expense spared building this luxurious beast of a booth…and the results show it time and time again with quality images and creative designs that are unmatched in the industry (seriously, if you’re comparing us with another company, go check out their galleries and see what you think).

This is not an automated booth with a sad attendant who babysits your guests. We provide an interactive photography experience resulting in unmatched image quality and world-class customer experiences to make sure everyone has a grand time at your event.

There’s no add-ons, no hidden charges – just everything you need for the very best photo booth experience imaginable.

If you’re shopping for the lowest priced photo booth, we aren’t the company for you; if you’re looking for a photo booth company that offers an amazing value and an unforgettable experience, no one can compete with Good Fotos.

And if you’re on that other level, looking for a next-gen photography experience, make sure to check out our Capture page.

We primarily service the Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm, and Orlando area, but we are seasoned travelers and can be anywhere you need us to be.

$675 for 3-hours
$100/hr for additional time
Up to a maximum day-rate of $2700

  • Professional portrait studio lighting setup
  • Staff includes a professional photographer and customer service specialist to make sure guests have the best possible experience with professional gear (please note we don’t call them “operators” or “event hosts”)
  • Photos are taken by a professional photographer who hand-holds a camera to make sure every image is tack sharp and well composed
  • Instant access to your digital images via a sharing kiosk, fully customized for your event
  • Live slideshow of images from your event on an HD monitor
  • A smorgasbord of props for your party’s amusement, we’ll even match your event’s theme, if you have one
  • The backdrop of your choice
  • Hosted post-event online gallery where your guests can download images
    NOTE: these are the beautiful, high-res, non-watermarked individual photos, and not just the branded strips that most photo booth rental companies provide
  • Setup/breakdown
  • Travel within 300 miles of your metro area (Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm, or Orlando)
  • No additional charge for sales tax (it’s already included)

“If GoodFotos is booked for your event date, change your event date.”





It’s 2019! We are deep in the heart of the Digital Age. In the interest of getting with the times, and preventing the waste that is the thousands of prints we’ve seen left behind as fallen soldiers, we’ve decided to do away with prints.

Email/social media is the thing and we make it easier than ever for your guests to get their images instantly from our sharing kiosks, which are fully customized for your event.

Sometimes though, you really need a print. Our print add-ons include unlimited reprints and custom print design.

  • Unlimited 4 x 6   | $200
  • Unlimited 2 x 6   | $100


Starts from $0

Not every experience calls for our tried-and-true modern, colorful lighting setup. Unlike most photo booths, we are not a one-stop shop when it comes to setups and lighting – let us know what you have in mind and we can design an experience for you from hard fashion lighting to moody, intimate portrait setups…and wouldn’t ya know? For simple changes like B+W or sepia images, we don’t even charge you to make the change.


Starts from $400

Add dimension to your photos with some environmental effects, including snow, hazy moonlight, bubbles, or fog. We use professional lighting and effects tools to make sure your images look incredible and believable.



You’ve seen it on all of the Kardashian’s photo booth pictures (although the retouching probably looked a bit overdone). Well we’ve got the good stuff for you – our proprietary algorithm instantlyanalyzes your image and applies tasteful skin smoothing that looks natural and tasteful (and only to areas that are skin!)

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